What is Zirconium Porcelain?

In dental treatments, porcelain applications are generally performed as fixed dentures (crown-bridge porcelain). In porcelain teeth, metal supports are applied under the porcelain. However, studies for oral and dental health are constantly developing and new methods are being developed for the best results.  in dentistry procedures is to use zirconium instead of supporting metal infrastructure in porcelain crown are aesthetically preferred . Zirconium; Due to its white appearance,  contributes to porcelain  dental treatment. Zirconium porcelain crowns are used effectively for whiter, more aesthetic tooth structure. Porcelain teeth that use zirconium instead of metal support infrastructure are called zirconium porcelain.

 Zirconium Porcelain Dental Treatment

One of the most preferred treatment applications in aesthetic smile design in recent years is zirconium porcelain crowns. In Bursa, care is given to ensure that this treatment is performed in the most qualified manner. With this application, it is possible to gain highly white, aesthetic appearance and healthy teeth to the person. Zirconium dental applications are applied both for those who want to have dental treatment and for those who want smile design. With its professional team work, Bursa Vizyon Dental Clinic offers the best service in dental zirconium dental treatment. In this process, firstly, the teeth of the patient are reduced and measurements are taken for the tooth to be applied. Porcelain crowns are prepared with the precise color and shape of the person and with dimensions suitable for the jaw structure. Porcelain is made on the appropriate color zirconium as the baseline supporter. Of crown this special dental work is done in a laboratory . The patient is administered in a sterile clinical setting.

Zirconium, which is applied by an expert dentist, is permanently applied with special adhesives. Thus, a tooth structure integrating with the jaw is formed. They are fixed prosthesis applications that can be easily used as the patient’s own teeth in every sense. This application, which is used effectively in dental treatment, is carried out by a professional study. As a result of the realization with the supervision of dental specialist , the results are very satisfactory to the patient. The application stage and design stage of the teeth are also performed in a professional manner. In addition, the patient is provided with the necessary information and all procedures and stages are explained to the patient in a comprehensible manner.


One of the best addresses for those who want to make the right choice for healthy teeth and perfect smiles is undoubtedly the  Bursa Vizyon  Dental Polyclinic.

In Bursa Vizyon Dental  Clinic stands out as an address where you can always trust the quality of service in terms of both healthy and aesthetic teeth. Bursa Vizyon  Dental  Clinic has always been successful in making smile designs for its customers and continues to do so. When it comes to dental health in Bursa, it is one of the first centers that come to mind.

Tooth stands out as an important limb for human. However, the importance of our teeth cannot be limited to this aspect alone. A beautiful smile is important for every human being and it is a great privilege that we have perfect teeth. In short, it is of great importance that our teeth have an aesthetic structure as well as being healthy.

In this respect, laminate porcelain crowns appear as an important application. What is the contribution of Lamina porcelain crowns to our teeth?

What is Laminate Crown?

Lamina porcelain crowns have an important role in the restoration of the aesthetic structure of the teeth. A lamina tooth is a process of coating the front surface of the tooth with a fine porcelain with a slight abrasion or without any abrasion. It has the feature of being the least loss of dental tissue in dental aesthetic applications.

What are the Advantages of Laminate Dental Applications?

Today, laminate  porcelain crowns provide important advantages to the patient in the most preferred dental aesthetic applications. These;

– Natural, transparent aesthetic appearance best porcelain application,

– Providing treatment without disturbing the existing natural structure of the teeth,

– It is a minimization of the factors that cause the formation of tooth color which may cause an unwanted appearance such as calculus, coffee and cigarette stains on the teeth thanks to the porcelain surface that contains a smooth structure.

– Adhesives used in bonding process during application have a very strong structure. In this way, the laminate crown on  the tooth does not fall automatically. However, the laminate crown can be separated from the tooth by diamond milling.

Does Laminate Crown Have Disadvantages?

Laminate crowns are completely aesthetically oriented. Because of this feature, it is important that both the technical and artistic aspects of the dentist  performing the procedure are very strong. Laminate crown application, which is performed with this subject in mind, is important for achieving an excellent result. Otherwise the result may cause complete frustration  patient. For this reason, making an informed and correct decision about the choice of place that makes Laminate porcelain application in Bursa is of great importance in reaching the desired teeth.

Who Can Have Laminate Crown?

– People who are not satisfied with their tooth shape and want their teeth to have a more aesthetic appearance,

– Patients with multi diastema teeth ( Gaps between teeth)

– Individuals with genetic defects in the structure of their teeth,

– Patients who want to correct the crooked tooth structure,

– In case of abrasion or breakage in the front teeth,

– Laminate crown may be used as an alternative or complementary to the treatment during the orthodontic treatment process.

– Those who frequently apply teeth whitening due to cigarette and coffee consumption and are in search of a definite solution,

– Patients who make a smile design in line with the recommendation of the dentist,

With this application, patients have the opportunity to have both healthy and aesthetic teeth that look much more perfect.

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