Dental calculi are plaques formed by bacteria adhering to teeth that are not cleaned after meals. It is one of the most common oral problems and adversely affects the health of teeth and gums. Providing a high quality service with its distinguished staff in the sector, Bursa Vizyon Dental Clinic is a corporate oral and dental health policlinic that closely follows the innovations.

 How is dental calculus formed?

If the teeth are not regularly brushed, the calculus, also known as tartar, will begin to form. Food residues, bacteria and mineral salts are substances that cause calculus formation. The calculus is yellowish in color between the teeth and gums. It damages tooth enamel and gum with its hard textured layer. It is aesthetically uncomfortable with its dirty appearance.

As a favorable environment for the reproduction of microbes, calculus causes many problems leading to tooth loss. Food residues, sugar and mineral salts continue to grow bacteria during their stay in the mouth.

Gradually growing dental calculus is transformed into a hard deposit as it causes changes on the tooth surface and becomes tartar. It is usually between the front tooth and the gum. The calculus is accompanied by bad breath and gingivitis.

Effects of dental calculus cleaning on oral health

It is inevitable that one or more of the following problems will arise if oral and dental health is not taken into account and dental calculus are not cleaned in time.

* Teeth begin to decay

* Gingivitis occurs

* Bad oral odor occurs

* Causes periodontal diseases

* Loss of teeth.

Bursa Vizyon Dental Clinic is a well-known outpatient clinic in the sector where you can safely perform dental stone cleaning with its professional expert staff. Aesthetic dentists are among the first choices in the region with their staff consisting of oral, and maxillofacial surgery specialists.

As oral hygiene solutions can’t  clean sufficiently, oral health problems in this process may have more serious consequences. If you have dental calculus problems and want to get professional help, you can apply to Bursa Vizyon Dental Clinic. Dental calculus, which causes symptoms affecting dental health, should be cleaned at least every 6 months.

 Bursa Vizyon Dental Calculus Cleaning

When dental calculus is not cleaned, it causes dental and gum problems. It is even possible to lose advanced intact teeth. The calculus, also known as tartar, is cleaned in as little as 20-25 minutes. It is a painless procedure and does not harm the teeth and gums. On the contrary, calculus damages tissues, teeth and gums.

Dental calculus removal should be performed by periodontologists specialized in their field. Bursa Vizyon Dental Clinic, which provides services in the oral and dental health of thousands of patients with its experienced staff, is a health center where you can safely apply for dental calculus cleaning. Technological devices developed for calculus cleaning are used, and the teeth are painlessly free of tartar and have a healthy appearance.

Bursa Vizyon Dental Clinic, which serves as oral and dental health clinic, is the address you are looking for the highest quality and most reliable dental stone cleaning at the most affordable prices.

 How To Prevent Dental Calculus

The mouth is full of microorganisms. Thin canals, gums, and joints between teeth are exposed to food residues and microorganisms. The calculus formation process is prolonged when the teeth are brushed regularly and especially between the teeth.

The process of tartar formation begins when the calcium salts in the saliva, the food residues that are not cleaned sufficiently and the food residues remaining in the teeth are held to the teeth in a layer. You can apply to Bursa Vizyon Dental Clinic for dental calculus cleaning, you can get a healthy oral and dental structure by getting a quality dental calculus cleaning service with the latest technology devices.