Many health rules must be observed for child dental health, which parents should pay maximum attention to. As well as following the rules, it is important to set bans about eating habits Advises of Bursa Vizyon Clinic Experts in this area should also be carefully listened to through the dental clinic. Tooth development begins in infancy. Therefore, giving children dental care habits and making them permanent is important for general dental health.

Gain Tooth Brushing Habit

Parents should first give their children the habit of brushing teeth under pedodontics. To this end, being a direct example for children in practice should be carrefully followed as the most basic method.

Children take their parents as role models, can gain certain habits with their parents do, not what they say. Therefore, rather than ” brush your teeth ” warning, “let’s brush our teeth” will make more sense.

The principle of showing and explaining should be followed for the correct brushing of the teeth. Vizyon dental clinic brochures can also be reviewed for proper use of toothbrushes. Tooth brushing techniques illustrated in the pediatric brochures are guiding.

Tooth Floss

Using dental floss on a regular basis is another option that should be considered in the context of children’s dental care. Uncommon floss use in Turkey should be administered at least once a day.

Food leftovers between the teeth are shown as the first cause of tooth decay. For this reason, using dental floss is another important habit to pass from family to child, especially at night before bedtime.

Regulation of Eating and Drinking Habits

Children tend to eat sugary and chocolate-based foods. Such eating habits are among the main causes of many different diseases. It is also considered one of the most dangerous risk factors for children’s dental health. Therefore, children should be kept as far away from  so-called junk food types as possible. The majority of foods that increase the risk of tooth decay and dental calculus should not be allowed. Calcium-focused diets, which make teeth whiter and healthier, should be emphasized.

Performing Periodic Dentist Visits

Parents should visit dentists at regular intervals for both themselves and their children. These visits should be made frequently, not only when a pain or decay is encountered, but also for general and routine controls.

Pediatric dentist appointments taken at six-month and one-year periods are important for getting detailed information about dental health. Dentist examinations are useful not only for therapeutic purposes but also because they are preventive.

The dental care appointments should be taken from same expert dentist as possible. In this way, it will be possible to provide a complete efficient flow of information about the general condition of the teeth. This habit is also important for ending the fear of dentists, which will erupt in the future.

Following Oral Care Products

There has been a wide variety of oral care products over the past decade. Following these products, examining their properties and using them regularly, affects the oral and dental health of children. In particular, rinsing is as important as brushing teeth. It can also benefit from experts’ ideas for the most natural and useful product selections. The correct use of the product must be realized in accordance with the advice of dentists.

Consuming Fluoride Water

Various researches and investigations in this field show that consuming fluoride water makes unique contributions to the health of both infants and children. It should be ensured that the water consumed for drinking regularly contains fluoride.

Harmful solutions in tap water cause teeth to decay over time and weaken palates. For children with special problems in oral and dental health, fluoride water should be used in meals.