Basic oral and dental care supports the health of the body. By Preventing Oral and dental diseases the whole body can be protected and prevented from many diseases. It is also effective in maintaining the health of the body by performing daily oral care consisting of 3 stages.

 What is Basic Oral Care? How To Do It?

Basic oral and dental care promotes natural resistance to chronic diseases. Twice a day of routine care and full protection against gum diseases, can be maintained by,

* Brushing teeth

* Using dental floss and

* Rinse with oral care products.

The effects of the oral health on our body can be improved with the awareness of the society. Research shows that 90% of the world’s population is exposed to many dental and gum diseases due to poor oral health. In addition to many health problems caused by inadequate oral care, heart diseases can also be said to be life-threatening.

Negative Effects of Accumulated Bacteria on Health

As Vizyon Dental Clinic, we aim to start regular dental care at an early age. İn every daily meal foods entering our body paves the way for bacterial growth. Bacteria that find the appropriate environment to multiply in the mouth adversely affect oral health.

Due to inadequate and incorrect dental care, a tiny caries can cause different health problems from cardiovascular diseases to cancer, rheumatism and ulcers. In case of insufficient oral and dental care;

* Medical problems

* Psychological and sociological

* Even serious economic problems may arise.

What are the Effects of Oral Diseases on Daily Life?

An insignificant caries causes bacteria to spread throughout the body. This situation ensures that different problems become a part of daily life during childhood, development and adulthood; regular maintenance, routine checks and the necessary care can prevent this effect.

 Do not jeopardize your oral health!

Oral care, which acts as an alarm center of the body against diseases, must be repeated at least once a year. Based on the information that our meals affect our body, the effects of the foods taken on dental health should be known.

Acidic beverages are extremely dangerous for oral and dental health. Tooth loss is caused by plaques that are released if dental care is not performed adequately.

What to consider for a healthy oral and dental care? Brushing teeth at least twice a day must be made habit. Flosses should be used for interfaces for thorough maintenance. The toothbrush used must be replaced at regular intervals.

Oral health can be protected with vizyon dental clinic services where preventive treatments are made against caries. The right habits for oral and dental health, which are also effective on appearance and quality of life, should be given in childhood and continued throughout life. A healthy mouth is also effective in maintaining the overall health of the body.