Orthodontic Applications

It is possible to get quality orthodontic services in Turkey. There have been revolutionary changes in the application of a frequently used treatment method, especially braces.

Invisible braces  are available that offer practical and aesthetic uses to patients. It is sufficient to make an appointment with the orthodontic department to evaluate the options and to be examined.

 When are braces attached?

Braces are used at people with deformations of their teeth due to chronic or genetic reasons. However, the application areas are not limited to these. For many problems in the jaw region, one of the orthodontic methods and types can be applied.

Especially, patients with shortness of palate may get rid of their problems in a short time by wearing braces. Necessary interventions for patients with broken teeth following various accidents are carried out in a hygienic environment. Apart from these, every adult having teeth gaps can evaluate the treatment options in the bursa clinics.

 How to Attach Braces?

It is possible to make an appointment with vizyon dental clinics for bracket applications. After the first examination, the operation is completed in a short time by using advanced instruments. Special tools called retractors are used to make all teeth visible. It is also very important to maintain dry mouth during the operation. Dry mouth is provided by the tools before the braces are attached.

The patient does not feel anything because local anesthesia is applied during the operation. Total session times vary between 1 and 1.5 hours. At the same time, the number of sessions may increase depending on the type of dental wire inserted.

 Types of Braces and General Properties

Types of braces, also known as brackets, are collected in 4 main groups. One of the most popular varieties, the recipe wire, is seen as the reason of choice because of the benefits it offers. Apart from this, there are types of braces suitable for every budget along with vision teeth.

1- Transparent Braces: Transparent wire, which is ideal especially for aesthetic preferences, can be applied to patients of all age groups. Besides its aesthetic contributions, it can be worn in a practical way.

Plates are cleaned in minutes and effortlessly. Highly comfortable brackets are never noticed. Therefore, it does not disturb harmony in terms of general facial aesthetics. Being the first choice of young people, compassionate wire can be applied to the elderly if the health conditions allow.

2- Lingual Braces: These types of brackets placed inside the teeth are quite comfortable and safe. Almost invisible lingual braces are usually applied in adult patients.

3- Metal Brackets: Metal braces, which are frequently installed after orthodontic controls of children, are the most preferred type of bracket worldwide. The application has extremely reasonable prices.

4- Porcelain Braces: Porcelain braces are among the last choices. These brackets are also preferred in Bursa clinics. İn last places considering the other treatment options.

 Things to Consider After Braces

Patients who wear braces should follow the dentist instructions as much as possible. Products that maintain the braces clean should be used periodically. At the same time, twice as much attention should be paid to oral health.

Maximum attention should be given to nutrition. Food and beverages with acid components must be avoided. Foods that are sticky in nature also damage the braces in the long run. Hard foods  eaten by biting with front teeth should be avoided.

Amateur and professional people interested in sports should also pay attention to the safety of these wires. Special apparatus that protects the mouth area should be used especially when making contact sports.