I was told my jaw bone was insufficient. Can I get dental implant therapy?2019-11-19T23:10:28+00:00

In order to place dental implant in the jaw bone, we need a bone of a certain thickness and height. Some bone diseases, early tooth extraction, gum diseases, and loss of jaw bones occur with advanced age. Depending on the amount of bone loss, our maxillary sinuses in the upper jaw and the trigeminal nerve in the lower jaw appear as obstacles in the area of implantation In order to treat bone deficiency, bone materials called bone graft are used. These materials can be placed during or before the implant operation, and the implant process is performed after the healing period. Of  graft material if the bone loss doesn’t permit the implant installation  in meantime of grafting procedure.

Why are we waiting to make teeth after implant? Can’t it be done now?2019-11-19T23:10:31+00:00

After implant placement, there is a waiting period of approximately 3 months for healing of bone tissue which we call osseointegration, bone surrounding the implant and ensuring bone harmony. However, in the case of single tooth deficiencies, bone tissue is hard enough, within a few weeks, depending on the situation, we can proceed to prosthetic stage of implant therapy.

What are the points to be considered when in dental implant operations ?2019-11-19T23:10:34+00:00

The implant procedure is a simple surgical procedure. Sterility conditions should be performed in clinics that are optimally adjusted. It should be ensured that the surgeon who will make the implant is an expert and has enough experience.

Is the implant operation difficult? Do I feel pain?2019-11-19T23:10:38+00:00

Implantation is performed under local anesthesia. Anesthesia is performed only in the area  of implantation and the patient does not feel pain. An implant can be implanted in about  fifteen minutes.

What is dental Implant?2019-11-19T23:10:42+00:00

In general, dental implant is titanium screws placed in the bone. The purpose of inserting these screws is to simulate the tooth root. After a recovery period of approximately 3 months, porcelain teeth (fixed prosthesis) or sometimes removable dentures are applied on the implants.

What should I do about bad oral odor and bleeding gums?2019-11-19T23:10:46+00:00

First, the reason should be investigated. It should be determined whether the cause of oral odor breath and gingival bleeding is caused by teeth and gums, or if it is caused by other systemic (diabetes, , dermatological, otorhinolaryngology problems, etc.) diseases.

First, gum diseases (dental calculus cleaning, etc.) and dental caries, if any, should be treated.

Even though I brush my teeth, my mouth smells, what should I do?2019-11-19T23:10:49+00:00

Halitosis has become a very important problem not only in our country but also in the whole world. in 90% of the patients, it is caused by intraoral or surrounding  tissues (nose, sinus and throat), and in 10% of patients it is associated with systemic diseases. For oral reasons, dental origin is only one out of dozens of reasons for bad oral odor. Therefore, even if you brush your teeth regularly does prevent bad oral odor . A systemic-induced bad oral odor can be caused either by an existing systemic disease, such as diabetes, or by the medication you are taking from the disease. In fact, an individual may have more than one reason that can cause bad oral odor. Therefore, it would be appropriate  for your dentist to investigate the possible causes and to get the opinion of other specialists  if necessary.

Who treats halitozis (bad oral odor ?)2019-11-19T23:10:53+00:00

The dentist can easily treat oral odor by identifying the source. If your dentist detects that your mouth is healthy and the odor is not of oral origin, you may be referred to your general medicine or specialist to determine your odor source and treatment plan. If the odor is due to gum disease, your dentist can treat the disease or refer you to an Periodontist  specialist specializing in gum diseases.

What is Composite Bonding?2019-11-19T23:10:57+00:00

Direct composite veneers, which are very important in cosmetic dentistry, are also known as composite bonding, which are used to make the colors, shapes and positions of the teeth aesthetically more attractive. Composite bonding is a cheaper alternative to porcelain laminates.

What are the advantages?

In one session, the process is finished, there is no laboratory requirement.  Our teeth remain healthy as there is minimal preparation on the teeth. we would recommend composite bonding  for healthy nice smiles with little touches on teeth.

Do dental crowns shorten the life of the teeth?2019-11-19T23:11:01+00:00

Dental porcelain crowns are the fixed prosthesis done after optimized reduction of teeth. If the relation of porcelain crowns to soft fissures and adjacent teeth is well organised and routine dentist visit are regularly performed, dental crowns won’t reduce the life of teeth.

How do I know if my child needs a orthodontic treatment?2019-11-19T23:11:04+00:00

İrregularly aligned or and congested teeth, intermaxillary pasition problems of jaws relating to each other are the indication of orthodontic treatment. And also; difficulty in chewing, non nasal breathing pressing the tongue against the anterior teeth, finger sucking habit, may also require orthodontic treatment.

Often the necessity of orthodontic treatment may not be easily understood.  The best approach is to take your child to a dental clinic regularly (every 6 months) from an early age. In this way, your dentist can refer you to the orthodontist (the dentist who treats dental irregularities) before it is too late. With early intervention, many problems can be prevented before proceeding.

What is bruxism or tooht grinding?2019-11-19T23:11:07+00:00

Bruxism or tooth grinding are the habituel movements, that are called parafonctionel habits, causing attrision on teeth Dentist can prevent these parafonctionel habits by producing personel dental habit brakers and reduce bad affects on teeth, gums and jaw bone.

How healthy are the implant and implant prostheses? Does the body refuse titanium screws?2019-11-19T23:11:10+00:00

It is the most effective and reliable method in increasing the retention of teeth and total (removable) prosthesis. The applied titanium metal is the most compatible material with the human body. Allergic history has not been found by researchers. Dental implant success rate  varies depending on patient oral hygiene, various diseases (rapid bone loss, disruptions of the body defense system, etc.) and parafunctional disorders (squeezing, grinding, etc.). However, it should not be forgotten that in the case of tooth deficiency, it is the most effective form of preventive treatment considering porcelain bridge and removable prosthesis where many adjacent teeth are reduced.

Is it true that no material is removed from the teeth during lamina porcelain application?2019-11-19T23:11:14+00:00

No tooth structure is removed from tooth surface if laminate porcelain is appliced in cases such as tooth diestema closure, tooh attirision recovery Or application on teeth to recover. The tooth enamal loss. İn other cases tooth structure is prepared in certain amount not more than 0.7mm.

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