Tea, coffee, cigarettes, cola, colored fruits, wine and many other factors cause staining on the teeth. You may be brushing your teeth regularly. If you try many methods but still feel that your teeth are not white enough, you should seek professional support.

With the support of dentist, a permanent solution can be provided by using effective teeth whitening methods, which are a quality and reliable service in oral and dental health and aesthetics. After teeth whitening without damaging the tooth enamel, patients are very satisfied with the result and leave our clinic as self-confident individuals.

Teeth Whitening Method in Clinic

Teeth whitening application does not have any negative effects on dental health . It should not be forgotten that a dental whitening procedure is performed under the control of a dentist, not at home. Because tooth enamel can be damaged by applications made with randomly sold products and gum problems may occur after the application. Especially uncontrolled whitening drugs applied to the gums are not recommended because they cause gum diseases.

Before the teeth whitening application in the clinic, the gums are protected with opaldam (gum barrier). Then bleaching is applied to the tooth surface. The drug is activated by laser to remove stains on the tooth surface. If necessary, the application can be repeated several times. After a single session of approximately 30 minutes, treatment is completed in 2 or 3 sessions until natural whiteness is achieved.

In home-type bleaching (homebleaching), it is applied in a very safe way with the whitening drugs to be evaluated by the dentist and recommended according to oral health conditions and also by the whitening plates prepared by the dentist individually.

Tooth whitening treatment is applied to all patients over the age of 18, the effect is long-term and depending on the habits and consumed food will not return to the old color, or even if there is some return to take many years. However, it is important to pay attention to the hygiene of the teeth, to take care of the tooth whitening after the food and drink intake which causes the teeth to be stained as well as regular brushing.