Braces Used in Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatment is performed using braces made of metal,( ie stainless steel) or porcelain brackets. Braces are usually placed to the front faces of the teeth. Another method of braces is the braces applied to the inner surface of the teeth. The name of this braces in orthodontics is lingual orthodontic treatment. In this form of treatment, all of the braces are applied to the inner side of the teeth so that the braces are not visible from the outside. Recently, in addition to classical braces treatments, braces with cap has also been applied. The speed of the tooth movement is faster for the capped braces. In particular, the teeth are faster than the classical treatment methods.

As an alternative to those who do not want to use braces, transparent plaques are also offered. Transparent plaques are known as invisalign treatment. Orthodontic treatments can be performed easily by orthodontic specialist  physicians with transparent plaques. In this treatment method, instead of braces, transparent plaques that cover the front surfaces of the teeth are used. The force required for straightening the teeth is made by means of transparent plates instead of braces.

What to Know in Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatments may seem difficult  to people. However, the methods used in orthodontic braces treatments do not cause any harm to the teeth. On the contrary, it helps the teeth to be positioned more accurately. Furthermore, this form of treatment provides a more aesthetic tooth structure.

Braces in orthodontic treatments do not cause tooth decay. Proper cleaning of the braces and the inside of the mouth will prevent tooth decay. Therefore, if tooth cleaning is done correctly, there is no tooth decay or enamel injury. One of the most curious subjects of braces is the pain in the teeth. When the braces are first applied to the teeth, a slight pain might be felt.

However, after the teeth get used to this applied force, this pain gradually decreases. With proper care, tooth sensitivities will be completely eliminated.

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