Advantages of Zirconium Tooth

Zirconium dental application, which is developed for those who want to have an aesthetic and healthy tooth structure, provides many advantages to the person. For this reason, dental aesthetics and smile design are the most preferred applications in bursa. Zirconium porcelain crown is the closest dental practice to the natural tooth structure. Zirconium porcelain with light transmission has an effective appearance like natural tooth. In addition, it is not possible to experience  staining as it forms a slippery porcelain surface. It maintains its color like the day it was first applied.

Porcelain makes dental treatment possible for people who are allergic to metal. Its white appearance prevents the formation of dark colour on gums like in metal porcelain  applications. The lack of metal prevents the formation of  odor in the mouth. It provides both effective appearance and robust structure of the teeth. Its compatibility with gingiva also makes zirconium porcelain application extremely successful. Zirconium is applied with the difference of Vizyon Dental Clinic  Bursa as an effective treatment technique in the formation of white and smooth image required for smile design. Zirconium crown ensures that the artificial teeth look like real teeth.

Zirconium is used effectively in oral and dental health and aesthetic smile design with its color and general characteristics.