Professional Service in Aesthetic Smile Design

A professional service is offered in Bursa together with dentist who are specialists in aesthetic dentistry. By providing effective methods and technical equipment, the desired aesthetic smile design is created. Aesthetic smile is designed as soon as possible by evaluating one’s wishes and existing conditions. Aesthetic smile design and aesthetic dental applications are applied with the highest technology. For those who want to have a highly aesthetic and healthy tooth structure, Bursa Vizyon Dental serves with our expert staff.

Thanks to an accurate and quality application, it is possible to have an extremely stylish smile. First of all, the patient’s wishes and problems are determined.

Then, with the dentist who are experts in their fields, smile design is made in digital environment or with diagnostic models. The digital environment of this design is also shown on the patient’s pre-photographed images that will occur after treatment to the patient. The smile design that suits the patient and that makes the patient is chosen and the procedures begin. After this stage, the treatment process is determined according to the examinations of the patient.

Aesthetic dental treatment is a treatment method in which one or more different applications are applied together. It works as a team of dentists and patients who have developed themselves in each treatment method. This team work and the whole process takes place completely within the framework of professionalism. As a result, it is ensured that patients smile that in a way they are satisfied and will feel happy.