The Most Effective Teeth Whitening Method

Many of us complain that their teeth are not white enough. The place of white teeth in an aesthetic smile is indisputably important. Although there are many factors that cause stanning of the teeth, teeth are now whitened in a professional way. Ensuring the permanent whiteness of the teeth for an aesthetic smile is as important for us as the Bursa Vizyon Dental Clinic family.

Reasons of Staining  of Teeth

The teeth not only become stained with time, but also get a bad image after staining. The most important factor in the staining of the teeth is the consumption of tea and coffee. We should add  also the effects of smoking, not having regular tooth cleaning. After the food and drink intake causing stains, teeth are unfortunately becoming increasingly colourful as a result of not brushing teeth regularly. In addition, genetically tooth color (jaundice), some drugs used, poorly made restorations (fillings) affect the color appearance of our teeth. The smile is bright and beautiful with white teeth. Using the latest teeth whitening techniques, the best results can be achieved with permanent teeth whitening.

 Teeth Whitening Process

For the health of teeth and gums, teeth should be brushed regularly. As Bursa Vision Dental Clinic, we recommend that periodic controls are performed even if there is no problem. Although it does not have any negative effect on dental health, it is a fact that yellowing teeth negatively affect one’s self-confidence. As Bursa Vision Dental Clinic, we recommend that tooth whitening process should be planned and applied individually under the supervision of a physician. In the first stage, the color of the natural teeth is determined and after the teeth whitening process, the difference between them changes significantly. After the application with the whitening beam (laser), patients are happy to leave the clinic as they observe the difference immediately.