Orthodontic disorders can be aesthetically corrected by orthodontic treatments. İn addition to braces, there are also orthodontic treatment methods that are performed wirelessly with transparent plaques (invisalign treatment).

What is Fixed Orthodontic Treatment?

The fixed orthodontic treatment is a form of treatment for people whose teeth are completely decayed and all permanent teeth are placed in the jaw. Since it is usually performed in permanent tooth formation, the average age of this treatment is known as 12 years. This treatment method usually treats irregularly  ligned   teeth. The brackets are fixed  on the front tooth surfaces of  teeth. The brackets are usually fixed  the tooth surface by means of small, stainless steel or porcelain, ie transparent wire holders. After these brackets are attached to the tooth surfaces with braces, irregularly ligned teeth are easily corrected. Although this type of orthodontic treatment varies from person to person, it takes approximately 1.5 or 2.5 years.

Braces attached to teeth surfaces with brackets do not cause any speech disorder in people. The brackets do not cause any harm to the teeth when the teeth are removed from the teeth after the wire treatment. Only when the brackets are removed, the adhesive on the tooth surface is quickly removed from the tooth surface. Thanks to the braces attached to the tooth surface with adhesive, enamel losses are not seen in the teeth. After the disassembly process, the tooth surface must be cleaned and polished for the tooth.