*** Implant prices in Bursa as in other provinces can not be determined in a standard way. There are multiple factors that affect it, such as the material to be used, the health status of the patient to be applied, and the time and cost. The healthiest result is determined by the examination of the dental specialist.

If the bone area to be implanted is sufficient, standard  procedure is usually two-stage. In the first stage, the gingiva is elevated after anesthesia is provided in the implantation area.

Then In accordance with the predetermined bone thickness, implant space in the bone is prepared and implants are applied. In the second stage, a certain period of time is expected before the implants integrate with the bone. Then, in the second stage, the covered implant is opened and artificial teeth are placed. In this way, prosthetic procedures are started. Depending on the age of the patient and the quality of the bone, there may be a waiting period between 1 and 6 months between the two stages for the healing of the implants. These treatments are performed under local anesthesia. During the treatment process, no pain is felt due to anesthesia. After the treatment, individuals will survive the process without any change in life comfort with the medications recommended by their doctor for a few days.

Which Material Dental Implants are Made of?

Implants made of tissue-friendly titanium alloys integrate with bone in a short period of time in terms of healing time. Studies have shown that these tissue-friendly artificial roots are unlikely to be rejected by the body. Especially during the recovery period, the patient should pay attention to oral hygiene. Excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes may reduce the association of implants with bone. Therefore oral hygiene and regular dental checks will prolong the life of the implants. In this field, Bursa Vizyon  oral and dental clinic doctors support their patients in every field during the treatment process.

What should be done to ensure the long life of dental implants?

Dental implants associated with gums and bones require good oral hygiene to ensure long life. As with natural teeth, proper oral care and routine dental checks are very important. In this way, a long and healthy use can be achieved.

What are the types of dental implants?

Although there are many different types, most of the dental implants are endosseous models which are screw-shaped. Varieties to be used in treatments are determined according to the area and support tissues. Varied variants create different ranges of costs for implant prices.

– Subperiostal models are placed on the buccal side of the bone. In this type of model, the chewing force is distributed to the entire bone. It is in the form of cage and is not preferred much due to its shape.

– In intramucosal models, artificial roots with titanium increase retention in prostheses. However, it is rarely applied today.

– Endodontic models are used to fix the structure of weak teeth. In this way, a more robust infrastructure can be created on the teeth. After endoosseous implants have become widespread endodontic implants are now discontinued.

– Transosseous models are placed along the bone. They are used in cases where there is insufficiency in bone length.

– Endosseous models are used in cases where there is one or more missing teeth. It is inserted into the jawbone and is widely used today. It is divided into three types as blade, screw and cylindrical.

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