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Aesthetic dentistry is a set of dental treatment applications aimed at gaining healthy and aesthetic smile  line with the expectation of patients. While dentist makes aesthetic dental treatments gums, lips, cheeks, jaw shape, and teeth shape are aimed  to maximize the harmony of facial features. To maintain this harmony, aesthetic products such as zirconium or  empress crowns or porcelain  laminates (leaf porcelain) are used. Zirconium is a white alloy used in place of the metal, which is the infrastructure of classical porcelain bridges and crowns. Zirconium is completely tissue-friendly, has no risk of allergies, and has better compatibility with gum than metal-supported porcelain.

Apart from zirconium, there is also a kind of reinforced porcelain material known as emax. Since Emax porcelains do not contain metal infrastructure, their light transmittance properties are considered to be more compatible with our own teeth than other porcelain types. Unlike standard bonding methods, these porcelains are mostly applied with  adhesives on the shaped tooth. In this way, it becomes a part of the tooth after bonding and increases their resistance to breakage.


Smile design is the renewal of your ideal smile by applying  dentistry and art together. With the development of aesthetic and restorative materials in dentistry, many shape, color and position disorders can be solved easily. The gums of patient get their normal appearance and the color discolorations, cracks and fractures in the teeth are corrected after smile design procedures. At the same time, the occlusion of the teeth is corrected and the muscles return to normal function.

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